Our Regions İstanbul

TAMEB Project activities continue at the Training Center in Istanbul - Beşiktaş. Basically, Turkish Language Trainings, Social Integration Trainings, Social Integration Activities and Vocational Trainings given below are provided in the center. Theoretical trainings are carried out both in the classroom and online, and practical trainings in Vocational Training are carried out face-to-face in the workshop/kitchens of the relevant training.

Ongoing Vocational Courses in Istanbul under TAMEB

• Plastic Pipe Fitter

• Chef's Apprentice

• Pastry Apprentice

Vocational Courses We Completed in Istanbul under TAMEB

• Walling

• Heat Insulator

• Steel Welder

• Handicrafts

        - Branding

        -  Design

Istanbul Regional Coordinator

Sinanpasa Mah. Sinanpasa Bridge Sok. No 12 Beşiktaş/Istanbul/Turkey